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A Yoga & Reiki Experience


Carley & Lauren

Thursday April 11th 7-9pm

Sarovara Yoga Studio ~ Bobcaygeon

Whether you are aware of them or not, the seven Chakras spin around the inner core of each one of us. These vortex-like energy centres, referred to as wheels, translate between our seen, physical body and our unseen, energetic field. Each individual Chakra is associated with specific body systems and emotions, and withhold the power for growth, healing, transformation and spiritual wisdom.

They have been studied for thousands of years in various traditions including acupuncture, naturopathy and many spiritual practices. Given the subtle nature of the Chakras, healing techniques of Reiki can help to access the energetic body for a deeper sense of self-awareness, balance and harmony. Yoga postures help release tension in the body, create space and welcome energy to flow freely.

Join Yoga Instructor; Carley and Reiki Practitioner; Lauren for a 2-hour workshop that connects you to your own Chakra System through Breath Work, Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Meditation.

Clear Energetic Blockages and Rebalance your Subtle Energy Body!

No previous experience necessary. Bring a Yoga mat and drinking water. All other props are provided.

Space is Limited - Reserve Your Spot!

COST: $47 (Taxes Included)

Questions? Contact

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