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Welcome to Your Lunar Yoga Practice!

Align your Body, Mind and Spirit with the Cycles of the Moon!

Tune into your Physical, Mental and Energetic Body with these

Weekly, Full-Length Classes that will guide you through

Breath, Movement and Meditation techniques specific

to each Lunar Phase.

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Week One: New Moon

Lunar Phases pink NEW MOON.png

Each Moon Cycle starts on the New Moon. Often a represention of New Beginnings, it’s a great time to plan, inquire and reflect. You may find you need to retreat, slow down and rest more during this dark Lunar stage. So, that is just what we’ll embody with a calm and passive Yin Yoga practice, followed by a Trataka (candle gazing) meditation. Along with your yoga mat, you’ll want a blanket, some yoga blocks and a candle. Click to Watch:

Lunar Phases pink FIRST QUARTER MOON.png

Week Two: First Quarter

The Waxing Moon, or First Quarter, is when the illumination of the Moon begins to grow, representing intention. You may feel more motivated to take action toward your goals. We’ll build confidence and get moving with an active Hatha Yoga sequence, integrating affirmations as the postures are held. Each pose and affirmation correlates to a specific Chakra of the subtle body. Finish with a guided Mantra Meditation; an introduction to chanting. These tools help us to stay motivated and inspired for the weeks ahead. Click to Watch:

Lunar Phases pink FULL MOON.png

Week Three: Full Moon

When the Moon is Full, it’s a time of honor and appreciation. Find a sense of pride in your work and celebrate your accomplishments. Utilize this energy with a Vinyasa Flow Yoga sequence, linking breath and movement, exploring a full range of respiration and motion. Complete with a Mandala Meditation focused on gratitude, use the Flower of Life pattern shared on the screen or create one for yourself, as an expression of your own sacred wholeness. Click to Watch:

Lunar Phases pink THIRD QUARTER.png

Week Four: Third Quarter

The Third Quarter, or Waning Moon, is when the illumination of the Moon begins to reduce and becomes darker again. It represents Liberation and can be a time to express, release and let go of what no longer serves you. We free up space energetically with Kriya Yoga- a mix of repetitive movements and stagnant postures known as the “Yoga of Purifying Action”. We also perform Nadi Shodhana/Alternate Nostril Breathing to clear the Nadi or central energy channel. Finalize your practice with a Smudging Meditation to cleanse spirits and remove negative energies. Click to Watch:

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